Welcome to the Secret Pillow Project Press Office

Welcome to the Secret Pillow Project Press Office

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She Rocks Prevents Human Trafficking for International Women's Day

Secret Pillow Project

A call to action results in a beautiful collaboration involving Alissa White-Gluz, Lzzy Hale and Floor Jansen in an influencer campaign with a social media reach of more than 15 million.

The campaign will unfold from @secretsaridress on Instagram Friday 8 March. 

She Rocks  is a movement celebrating women and female rock artists who stand for diversity and inclusivity across the world of rock and metal and beyond. Started in 2017, the #SheRocks movement evolves. 
Secret Projects is a social business, that works with women in India, training them to sew foldable, useful, purposeful and charming products which are sold in India and internationally. One of these products, the Secret Sari Dress ™ is a simple festival dress made out of a sari that unfolds from a pocket on the back of the dress. It is made in West Bengal by a sewing unit employing young women who have been trafficked or are vulnerable to human trafficking. Simply put, if a young woman can earn £20 a month they are far less likely to end up in the complicated web that trafficking victims find themselves in.
In the late summer of 2018, cousins Fritha Vincent, founder of Secret Projects and singer songwriter Heather Findlay, fellow India lovers, sat with their children on a remote Cumbrian campsite, thousands of miles from the horrific threat of human trafficking in West Bengal. Fritha shared her story of wearing her Secret Sari Dress at Hellfest, not only realising that it was the ultimate festival dress, but also that the female rock world would be the perfect community to spread the word of prevention through production.
Photo: Cristel Brouwer, Llucky Gallery 
Fritha said “It was watching the kindness and togetherness of the crowd at Hellfest that opened my eyes to the power of the rock and metal community. Listening to artists like Alissa White-Gluz and Maria Brink, I realised just how empowering their songs and presence were, and who that identifies them as women who could spread the message of empowerment and ultimately prevent human trafficking in the most practical way. Money does equal protection.”
Heather immediately said “I would like to help”. This gave birth to the idea to launch the She Rocks Secret Sari Dress Collection; a collaboration between  the world of female fronted rock and metal with Secret Projects, to drive a Prevention Through Production Programme that would take the women’s empowerment theme of the She Rocks movement both further East and dig much deeper than ever before. The cousins brainstormed and hatched a plan to reach out to as many women of influence across the genre as possible, asking them to be photographed wearing a Secret Sari Dress, showing women how easy it is to get involved in helping other women. Standing together in this way more and more awareness would be brought to the cause.
"Travelling around the world has opened my eyes to the vastly different challenges women face from one country to another. Doing what I do might seem like it takes courage, and indeed it does, but what the women of West Bengal are doing is beyond powerful and brave. It is absolutely inspiring to me that women have the confidence, empathy and strength to bind together across cultures and across the world to support, protect and encourage one another". 
~~Alissa White-Gluz, Arch Enemy (pictured left) 

“We all love to buy a new dress and wear it. The Secret Sari Dress gives us the opportunity to get fashion into social action ~ Fritha.


The campaign will be launched to the public on Friday, 8th March, International Women’s Day, with key members of the global rock music world changing over their social media profile pictures to a picture of them wearing a Secret Sari Dress.


The support of the rock and metal world will drive demand for the production of the dresses by inviting fans to buy their own dress. It is hoped that the movement will continue to grow throughout the Summer across rock festivals and gigs.


Though Heather has been instrumental in pulling together a growing group of musicians, and industry creatives, she knew that what was needed for the campaign to be truly successful was a network, working one woman to another, to create a sisterhood of diverse talent, genre and culture. Each one with their own story, but with one common goal; to prevent human trafficking through production.


Heather’s first thought was to reach out to her old friend Irene Jansen. “I love Irene’s directness and I knew after just one conversation with her I’d know if this could work! Irene was immediately fully on board. We drew up a list of women we could each reach out to and got to work”.  

Very soon there was a growing list of models and musicians, make-up artists and photographers eager to get involved and with key player in the team Floor Jansen of Nightwish and Northward on board, the campaign suddenly opened out to Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. The Hellfest vision was pulling into view!

Every child worthy of a better tale’

Weak Fantasy,  Nightwish


Floor Jansen, Nightwish (pictured right)

Photo: Hannes van Dahl


One special group gathered at the end of January in Holland to kick things off. Friends Irene and Heather, were joined for a shoot held in a castle just outside of Amsterdam by singers Dianne van Giersbergen and Lisette van den Berg, along with cellist Maaike Peterse (pictured left).
Photo: Beckflash Fotographie - Andrea Beckers
I have been blown away by the generosity and enthusiasm of our peers in the rock and metal world. I love the simplicity of the campaign. The synergy between the Secret Sari and the She Rocks movement just works! When we start to consider the possibilities of such a meeting of minds, and hearts, it feels like  his is just the beginning really...”   ~ Heather
Arch Enemy is all about rising together, as one, and I am proud to be a part of such an important cause!” ~ Alissa White - Gluz

100 Secret Sari Dresses sold = training & employment for 5 young women


The campaign is still growing behind the scenes as the vivacious energy of key campaign champions, model and presenter, Whitney Ribbins; Lisa Cope & Claire Harris of Nuclear Blast; Lisa S Johnson of 108 Rockstar Guitars and Lisa McKeown of Siren Management and Nine Lives UK is added  to the campaign.

Heather and Fritha invite more musicians to get in touch and sign-up to be influencers. The campaign is largely female-led, but wholeheartedly welcomes a growing number of male influencers!

 This campaign will run throughout Summer 2019.





Alissa White-Gluz

Vocalist / Arch Enemy


Annie Laviour


IG: @anniechristinalaviour

April Showers

Actress /Dancer

IG: @sunsetstripburlesque

Ava Lily

Vocalist / Songwriter

IG: avalilymusic

Britt Lightning

Guitarist / Vixen


Carrie Grr (Karolina Grzybowska)

Model / Album Cover Girl / Steven Wilson / Hand Cannot Erase

carrie grr.com

Charlotte Command

Vocalist / The Command Sisters


Emma Wilson

Vocalist / Model


Emily Lynn

Vocalist / Australian Pink Floyd / Thunder

aussiefloyd.com | thunderonline.com

Fiona Brice

Composer / Arranger / Performer / Violinist / Roy Harper / Placebo/ Anna Calvi


Dan Reed

Singer Songriter / Guitarist / Dan Reed Network


Danny Bowes

Vocalist/Thunder/Manager/Solid Music Management


Dianne van Giersbergen

Vocalist / Ex Libris | Designer / Precious Metal Jewelry


Floor Jansen

Vocalist / Nightwish / Northward

nightwish.com/en | northward.rocks

Gretchen Menn

Guitarist / Composer / Zeperella / Solo


Heather Findlay

Vocalist / Songwriter


Heather Leoni

Vocalist / Inglorious


Holly Laessig

Vocalist / Lucius / Roger Waters

ilovelucius.com | rogerwaters.com

Jackie Chambers

Guitarist / Syteria / Girlschool


Jess Wolfe

Vocalist / Lucius / Roger Waters

ilovelucius.com | rogerwaters.com

Jessica Kavanagh

Vocalist / Solo / The Waterboys

barqmusic.com | mikescottwaterboys.com

Jessica Lynne

Country Singer

Singer / songwriter/ entertainer

Julia Calvo

Vocalist / Syteria


Keira Kenworthy

Bass player / Syteria


Katarina Benzova

Music photographer

katarinabenzova.com | mission11.org

David Kilminster

Guitarist / Singer Songwriter / Roger Waters / Steven Wilson

davekilminster.com | rogerwaters.com | stevenwilsonhq.com

Kriz Crane

Make Up & Hair Artist


Irene Jansen

Vocalist / Ayreon


Lara Smiles

Vocalist / Australian Pink Floyd / Thunder

aussiefloyd.com | thunderonline.com


Laura Macri

Vocalist / MaYaN


Lauren Harris

Actor /Musician


Larissa Stupar

Vocalist / Songwriter / Venom Prison


Lisa S. Johnson

Author / Photographer / 108 Rockstar Guitars


Liv Jagrell

Vocalist / Liv Sin


Lisette van den Berg

Vocalist / Scarlet Stories / Ayreon

scarletstories.com |arjenlucassen.com

Lynne Jackaman

Vocalist / Jackaman / Saint Jude


Luke Morley



Lzzy Hale

Vocalist / Songwriter / Guitarist / Halestorm


Maaike Peterse

Cellist / Ayreon / Kingfisher Sky

arjenlucassen.com | kingfishersky.com

Marcela Bovio

Vocalist / MaYaN / Ayreon


Ildiko McKauley

Tour manager / Liv Sin /Glenn Hughes

livsin.bandcamp.com| glennhughes.com

Nik West

Recording Artist / Bass player / Prince / Quincy Jones


Pearl Aday

Vocalist / Songwriter


Sarah Command

Vocalist / The Command Sisters


Tambi Saffran

Red Carpet / TV Host / Focus Magazine / LA Chefs

IG: @Just_Tambi

That Joe Payne

Vocalist / Songwriter


Vicky Hungerford

Booker/Face of Bloodstock Festival


Whitney Ribbins

Model / Presenter / Tour Manager

IG: @whitney_wildone

Zeenie Summers

Vocalist / Solo / The Waterboys



Campaign Sponsors


Lisa McKeown | Mentor |Management



Ben Hudson | Manager



Lisa McKeown | PR | Siren Management



David Brower | Gibson Brands



Claire Harris | Nuclear Blast Records UK



Canvas Art Rocks

Advertising | Printing


Steve Goldby | Founder Editor | Metal Talk

Press | Marketing



Creatives from the Industry


Andrea Beckers

Photographer / Beckflash Fotografie


Claire Harris

PR / Nuclear Blast


Cinnamon Muhlbauer

PR / Charity


Cristel Brouwer

Photographer / Lluky Gallery - World of Photography


Hannes Van Dahl

Drummer / Sabaton / Photographer


Helen Buffett

A Rock And A Hard Place

IG: @le_buff_

Howard Rankin


IG: howieran

Lida van Straaten

Make up artist


Lisa Bardsley

Marketing Consultant / Effective Presence


Lisa Cope

Social Media & Digital Marketing


Lisa Mckeown

PA/PR/Management/Siren Artist Management


Mandy Morello

Writer / Editor Carouser Magazine

thecarouser.com | Mandy-Morello.com

Marion Willemsen

Make Up Artist

IG: @@marion.willemsen

Michele Coombe

PA/PR/Management/Siren Artist Management


Natalie Conway

Publicist / TAG Publicity


Rich Garner

Photographer / Technical Operator


Roger Newport

Photographer / Videographer

IG: rogern123

Viki Ridley

Writer /Reviewer/Promoter/HRH Magazine


Stockist details:

07824999675 | www.secretprojects.org


Secret Projects is the home of Secret Pillow Project and Secret Sari Dress Project. Secret Projects empowers women in India through the making and selling of foldable, useful, purposeful and charming products. For example, a Secret Pillow is a pillow that unfolds into a blanket.

Established in 2014, Secret Pillow Project operates as a social business training and empowering women who are economically challenged. The project connects to them through Indian, grassroots charities/NGOs which support the women to establish government backed self-help groups. Secret Projects invites the women’s group to become makers of its products, trains them and shares the project’s simple POWER mantra;

We believe in ourselves, we support one another, we persist, we think and think again, we trust our instinct, we take pride, we work with joy and we pretend until we know how.

As the women produce products, which are sold internationally their resources and confidence increases. Through this process the vision of Secret Projects is realised. The project’s dream is a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make their own choices for themselves and their children.

The project has 7 networks of makers. Over 500 women have been trained as makers since the start of the project.

How the project empowers

Secret Projects uses are variety of models to empower women. The basis of these models is a 4 stage empowerment programme, starting with support and introduction from the NGO. The 4 stages are training, professionalism, development and independence.

Manjusha, from Kerala, is a Secret Pillow maker, she says now I can feel what it is like to be an entrepreneur nobody can put me back.

The ultimate goal of the programme is that each maker network will run itself with those who were first trained training others, as well as makers taking on specific roles like fabric sourcing, logistics and training. Each maker network will be supported to develop sales marketing skills so they can find other stitching work locally e.g. uniform making.

Secret Projects products are far more than just a product on a shelf, each tells a unique story and each product is a powerful vehicle of empowerment.

"Secret Pillow is a clever start-up combining the best elements of microfinance and retail. By creating a shop with a powerful social slant, the consumer can feel good by doing good." Rebecca Burn-Callander, Enterprise Editor, The Telegraph.

The empowerment of women is the business of Secret Projects. To assess impact the project has 5 measures, quantitative and qualitative; the number of makers, the number of children they have, quality of production, progress of the women through the 4 stages of empowerment, progress of the women on an individual basis. This information is gathered through an initial maker profile each trainee must fill in, through quality control monitoring and through one to one interviews. These social impact measures are overseen by a group of Guardians, who are women independent from the business, who act as an external and largely independent scrutiny.

Thanks to partnering NGO’s Amrita University, Sacred Heart Brother’s Society and Grace Charitable Trust.

How the business works

Secret Pillow Project is a UK limited company, established in 2014. It has a partner company in India established in 2016, Secret Pillow Project India, responsible for training, production and logistics. Secret Pillow Project UK is leading a steady expansion of its sales bases through a social franchise model. This model is being piloted with Secret Pillow Project USA.

The project operates as a social business, any surplus is ploughed back into development. The growth of Secret Pillow Project has been rapid and a dedicated, global customer base (2000+) has grown through effective pre-order crowdfunding campaigns that have run in UK, USA and most recently India. With crowdfunding, direct sales through an online shops, stockists and the support from passionate philanthropists and social investors, Secret Projects has grown. Confident in the demand for its products, Secret Projects UK sort a loan from Virgin Money. The global business currently turns over in excess of £75k per year.

Secret Projects Customers

Secret Project Customers are a key strength to the business. They share the project’s vision for women. Many of them play a role is telling the story of the project and inspiring further sales of Secret Products. The customers are a tribe who feel connected to the makers because every product comes with a signed certificate from the person that made it. Customers are encouraged to send in photos of their products in use and these are printed and send to the makers groups whenever there is training or connection over material drop off and product pick up. Customers are encourage in some cases to send back postcards of thanks to the makers and feedback is constant requested from the customer base.

Secret Project Works with Big Business

Secret Projects works with big business in a variety of different ways. Visit to website to read stories of how we are working with businesses including international law firm, Hogan Lovells

Links to online shops, crowdfunding history, film and social media

Secret Projects UK: https://www.secretpillow.org.uk/

Secret Projects India: https://www.secretpillowprojects.in/

Secret Projects USA: https://www.secretpillowproject.com/

Secret Projects Crowdfunding history: https://www.secretpillow.org.uk/pages/crowdfunding

Secret Projects Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user39354434

Secret Projects can be found on Instragram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

High-res images available for download:


1600x1237 488kb

Floor Jansen - Flames Secret Sari Dress

Secret Pillow Project

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Floor Jansen - Flames Secret Sari Dress

Secret Pillow Project



1600x1016 589kb

She Rocks - Secret Sari Dress Collection

Secret Pillow Project

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She Rocks - Secret Sari Dress Collection

Secret Pillow Project



5184x3456 6172kb

Molly's Unit - Producers of Secret Sari Dresses

Secret Pillow Project

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Molly's Unit - Producers of Secret Sari Dresses

Secret Pillow Project



3543x2362 5683kb

She Rocks - Secret Sari Dress Collection

Secret Pillow Project

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She Rocks - Secret Sari Dress Collection

Secret Pillow Project



1600x951 282kb

Alissa White-Gluz - Divina Secret Sari Dress

Secret Pillow Project

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Alissa White-Gluz - Divina Secret Sari Dress

Secret Pillow Project


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