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om:gom - Breathe, Relax, Be


14 Dec 2018

In our busy lives, remembering to take the time to relax and breathe can be a challenge but is essential to living a healthy life, mentally, physically and spiritually. At om:gom, we aim to help spread the word about the incredible benefits of meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, relaxation and ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.

In 2013, there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety in the UK.*
When we breathe in air, blood cells receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This waste product is then passed back through the body and exhaled. Incorrect breathing can upset this process and contribute to fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as many other physical and emotional issues.

We are passionate about helping children and adults learn to breathe effectively to lower stress and anxiety and to have a greater sense of well-being.

The om:gom meditation tablet offers you a space to practice stillness and silence, a visual reminder to breathe deeply in a place of focus and relaxation, a sacred space for meditation.
Our homes and lives have specific spaces for eating, cooking, working, watching TV, reading etc, that allow us to live our lives, these are spaces for ‘doing’. Rarely do we offer ourselves a specific space to just ‘be’. The om:gom acts as a bridge in our lives, from ‘doing’ to simply ‘being’.

om:gom Meditation Tablet & Junior Relax Tablet
The om:gom Meditation Tablet is available in six designs – Labyrinth, Lotus Flower, Om and Merkaba and the  Star and Rainbow for children.  Each wooden tablet is handmade in our workshop from sustainable FSC Birch plywood, with a water-based lacquer finish. It has has an in-built channel to hold your incense stick (that’s if you choose to burn incense), and a card slot to hold the affirmation and sacred geometry cards, which are included. The design is CNC routed into the wood which is great for kinesethic people.

The smaller ‘Mini Tablet’ come in three designs (Lotus,Labyrinth & Sri Yantra) with a slot for the affirmation cards; either childrens or adults. The design is applied by hand using gold paint.  

Both sizes are designed to be portable; to allow you to find a quiet space where you can focus on your breath in an area which offers you peace and tranquility.

The larger of the two designs is similar in size to a small laptop and unlike most meditation altars, it is portable enough to move around the home and garden or take on business trips and holidays. The ‘mini’ portable tablet is about the same size as an Ipad Mini and is small enough to carry around in a smaller bag/handbag.

So whether at home or on the move, it is your visual reminder to let go, breathe, relax and be. 

The affirmation cards are designed to help turn negative and unhelpful thought patterns into more helpful and positive ones and contain messages for the user to aid this process. The reverse contains sacred geometrical patterns for users with a more spiritual outlook.

The children’s set is also double sided with bright illustrations containing easily understood and relevant messages for the younger user, while the other side has affirmations aimed at teenagers.

The website includes free resources and breathing exercises for both adults and children and whilst we don’t imply that a board is an essential part of the process, it can help to focus the mind and is there to remind us to take time out to breathe, relax and be.
Whether you meditate, are spiritual (or not), practice mindfulness, contemplation, self-awareness or just need a bit more relaxation time in your life, the om:gom portable meditation tablet offers you a place of restful focus, wherever you are.

Who, What, Why?
om:gom is the creation of Teresa Beswick; a Clinical Hypnotherapist who is passionate about the benefits of meditation and relaxed focused breathing. She found that many of the issues presented to her by clients could be helped using breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. This knowledge and experience is why om:gom came into being and she draws upon it to create the exercises on the website. Her husband David is a furniture designer and together they create the meditation tablets in their workshop in Bradford on Avon. 



The 2019 color of the year in interiors


13 Dec 2018

Warm, positive and at the same time expressive and intriguing. The Pantone 2019 color of the year is a combination of juicy tangerine with a delicate, soft peach. It sounds appetizing, and it looks even more luscious in interiors!​

Every year in December, Pantone prepares something special for us - an announcement which the entire world of fashion and design awaits, as well as all those who know that color matters. This time the Institute specializing in setting color trends focused on a bold shade that is meant to remind us of the real and the authentic in a world where social media and technology set the rhythm of life. The naturally occurring, flashy color allows us to commune with the amazing nature hidden in the depths of the oceans, at the same time being close to what we see on the screens of our smartphones and computers.

To facilitate the use of coral in everyday life - while choosing a wardrobe or interior design, Pantone has prepared 5 color palettes that bring out the best in all of them. Among them, we find various combinations - from warm pastels associated with a sunset (the Shimmering Sunset palette), through psychedelic colors (Trippy), to neutral colors of the earth, warmed up by coral (Focal Point).


Shimmering Sunset


Focal Point

Under the Sea

Cute Coral

Living Coral is a great choice for a child's room - it attracts attention, but it does not vex or overwhelm, it also improves the mood and warms up space, encouraging carefree fun.

This appetizing, vibrant and unpretentious shade will surely conquer many hearts and decorate many apartments, bringing freshness and vitality to any interior.

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